Plant ID please

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lonedad | 20:10 Tue 17th May 2011 | Home & Garden
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I was wondering of someone could ID or me?





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2) Anemone?

3) Oxalis of some sort?

When you put up links like this you do not need the [IMG] at each end.
The 1st one makes me think of Solomon's seal but I know that's wrong.
I can't open these links to look. I pasted the first one into google and got lots of pictures of people and children from what appears to be a private photo collection??
How do you open them?
They won't open for me either, we need links please, not addresses.
after your copy and paste remove the [IMG] at either end then use that as the url.
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Sorry there you go.

Oxtalis sounds about right. I did plant a load of them along with some Gladioli but I thought the bulbs were a bit rotten so Im suprised theyve come up.

The Anemone does sound right to but as before, I thought those bulbs were rotten too.
My Mum thinks that the first picture could be some sort of Lily.
Thank you slackalice, I've done that now. First one looks definitely like a lily to me, second anemone, 3rd I don't know but think it's a weed - oxalis, type of clover??
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Thank your Mom for me Jansy. That would be nice to have a lilly. I moved into my house in October last year and this was a small orange pumpkin like bulb which I found whilst planting my spring bulbs.
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Is Oxalis a weed? I looked up Oxalis on Google and its come up as an Iron Cross Oxalis. I bought these as bulbs which included Gladiolis and Anemone
That does look like it lonedad and obviously is not a weed but there are many types of oxalis and I certainly have it as pain in the bum weed in my garden (it's the small bronze-leaved one with yellow flowers, it gets everywhere!)
Oxalis is only a weed if you don't want it. Some are quite pretty, but they can multiply rapidly.
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Just looking at Oxalis on google and I did have the common oxalis (the one I think you are talking about) in my garden the other day and have attemped to remove it.

I love the look of this flower, such a strange way of flowering!

Im so suprised that those rotten bulbs have all come up. Gladiolis are shooting up nicely, anemone are flowering now if 3 different colours and now the Oxalis are shooting up. Those and the other bulbs and shrubs I have planted will make my garden lovely and colourful.

I have 3 lovely Festalis which are blooming lovely pink trumpets at the moment! Hopefully my new rose climbers will bud soon. My sunflowers are already 3 foot high!!

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