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Jetwash attachments for cleaning gutters

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ClareA | 01:02 Sat 23rd Apr 2011 | Home & Garden
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Does anyone know where I might get jetwash attachments for clearing gutter debris - I'm visualising a sort of swan-neck arrangement - or else a jetwash that comes with such a thing? Any help much appreciated.



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This company might be able to provide something suitable:
I need new glasses - I thought that you wanted a Jewish attachment. Duh!
........ oh hell, I just did the same thing Wolfie ............. so it'll be a circumcised attachment then?
Question Author
Lol, wolf63 & The Builder! Just picking myself up from ROFL in order to look at Buenchico's link, but in the meantime might I invite you two to Google 'Jewish Princess' by Frank Zappa? Bound to be on YouTube, and I think you'd appreciate it!

Question Author
Thank you very much, Buenchico, it looks the biz. Just have to run it past the live-in help (OH, who will be using it, though I'm constantly being offered in-house 'training courses' in this and that) and a reasonable price, too.

No-one gets Best Answer - wolf63 & Builder made me laugh, and Buenchico was practical, so you're all equal!

To all devotees of Jewish Attachments, I say 'Shalom'.
try home depot or you can go to specialty shops online that specialize on gutters. Check out http://www.gutterhelm...d-how-much-they-cost/ for more.

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Jetwash attachments for cleaning gutters

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