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What can I do with house after separation

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2mahou | 15:25 Mon 31st Jan 2011 | Property
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My sister in law has just separated from her partner and they own a house in joint names, basically, the little rat had been cheating on her.and decided to stay out all night then come home and tell her it was all over a day before her birthday and a month before Christmas, he told her to move out and he has continued to stay there, she has still been paying half the mortgage and insurance, he has now told her he is buying her out and because there isn't much equity in the house he has offered her £1000, she has paid more than that towards the house since they split, he also organised a survey to value the house for his mortgage and has sent her a bill for £300 towards half the cost, he is bullying her and she is to scared to do much about it, I suggested she tells him she will give him the £1000 and he moves out or demands a much higher settlement as he is the one who has instigated this whole thing, what do you think and what are her rights


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Tell her to move back in...that'll pee him off.

He can't do anything without her agreement. Mortgage offer or not...she owns 50% of the house.
has she had the house valued? get 3 estate agents in and then agree on a sale price with the ex. Dont let him dictate what the value is.

Until its sold, either to him or someone else then they should both be paying the mortgage, thats right. Though she is entitled to move back into the property as well.

She shouldnt have to pay anything for a survery when its for a mortgage he is getting
Get a solicitor first. Don't do anything before legal advice.

She is entitled under law to live there, he has no more right than she does.
she needs a good solicitor....and if I were her i 'd stop paying they will probably be jointly and severally liable for the payments but as he is easier to contach the bank/building society may go after hoiim for the full amount of the mortgage...its what happened to me even tho my ex husband earned three times my salary they refused to chase him for the payments
Whyever did she move out? If the house is in joint names, she's as entitled as he is to live there! She needs to see a solicitor, and not waste any time hanging about.
Would agree. She needs to see a solicitor quickly. Only a solicitor can give advice and will take into account all the circumstances. None of us have enough information to give wise advice. But she should stay put until things are sorted out and I personally would not pay out anything to him until there is a proper agreement. She has as many rights as he has.
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Thanks, I wish she would move back in but he is totally in control of her when they are alone, she is just not strong enough and a bit naive, he has just taken over and she still can't get it in her head that he is trying to fleece her, she can't believe somebody she has been with for 10 years would do that to her, like I say, she is very naive and listens to everything he says, it turns out he is trying to swap her name on mortgage to his new girlfriend,
The marriage has irretrievably broken down as he has committed adultery & thrown her out of her home. Good grounds for divorce:

1. Drag it out with solicitors at huge cost
2. DIY (herself) for £340 below:

Hopefully, this knowledge will give her strength to fight.

last site looks dead....maybe this one will work


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What can I do with house after separation

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