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Double Glazing - FENSA certificate query

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skyblueyonde | 17:03 Thu 07th May 2009 | Property
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Would someone be able to advise me please.

I bought my house just over two years ago and it recently been re-modernised and had new replacement double glazed windows fitted, (I don't know the company who fitted them) I cannot remember having had a FENSA certificate amongst my documents when I bought it or if I did I must of lost it.

My query is that I have just sold my property and my solicitor said as the DG has only been replaced in the last couple of years the and the new buyers will need a FENSA certificate � I've searched through everything but failed to find it :�

a) can I get a replacement FENSA?
b) how much may it cost me?
c) If I got a FENSA Certificate would I just pass it on to the new owners?
d) If I got a replacement certificate would it have a warranty time limit on it e.g 5 or 10 years etc?
e) Has anyone done this?
f) If I cannot get a FENSA what are my options?

Sorry to ask so many questions but this is now bothering me.

My property is only small and I expect it may have cost around �4,000 for the DG though I'm only guessing.


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You do need a FENSA certificate for your windows and it is generally passed on from who had them fitted but dont hold you breath.
I have also had new windows fitted and they assured me I would get a certificate I have asked and asked for one but have had numerous excuses i.e., getting it, forgot, will get it.
The actual problem for you is if you want to sell
Good luck
Answers to your question as follows:-
a) Yes. See here
b) Don't know and it doesn't say on their website. It will cost you an admin fee though.
c) Yes - it is part of the 'pack' of things to be assembled with the HIPS pack.
d) It isn't a warranty so it doesn't have a time limit on it - it is a certification that the windows have been installed to a minimum thermal standard - it is a quality standard, if you like - rather than a guarantee that something won't go wrong.
e) I haven't (otherwise I'd probably know how much it costs) - I just know how to do it.
f) You can (in theory) make a Building Regulations application for the windows to get them inspected to assure by getting a BC certification. This will definitely cost more money then getting a replacement certificate.

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Double Glazing - FENSA certificate query

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