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structural problems could this simply be....

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deedee24 | 18:22 Mon 06th Apr 2009 | Property
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the missing floor boards? we went to see a beautiful house and although it has no kitchen and missing floor boards we thought it looked ok, just a empty dirty shell that we wouldn't mind doing up. the estate agent phoned and said the company who were selling it wanted someone with no chain, which is great for us as we are first time buyers, she then said were we not put off by the structural problems, to me i always thought that meant walls caving in or holes in the roof, we never seen any of these problems so could it just be the floor? I hope so cos i really want this house but wouldn't be able to take it on if it needed rebuilding lol we are happy to put the kitchen in and fix the floor, anyone help?


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Have you had a survey done? This would highlight any problems.
If there's any hint of structural problems - then please do ask a surveyor or structural engineer to accompany you to the house and go through it with you. Or, ask for a Homebuyer's Survey.
Some estate agents have in-house surveyors - otherwise, yellow pages or recommendation.
or, look at the RICS site for someone in your area.
Good luck - hope you get it :o)
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thank you for both your answers i'm going to make a few enquiries to see whats what. kind regards dee x

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structural problems could this simply be....

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