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Selling a house.

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MWB | 05:01 Sun 18th Jan 2009 | Property
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My Mum has a freehold house. A year ago she bought another smaller house to retire in. It's tenanted. But the house she's in now has not sold after a year. She has decided to now put both houses for sale & live in the one that doesn't sell. But she is devastated as she REALLY wants to move into the new house. But as she says, she is living hand to mouth & needs the cash.
But I've said, what's to say the 2nd house will sell any faster than the first one & why doesn't she move into the second one & rent out the first?
Mums reasoning is the first house is in pristine order, inside & out, so is loath to rent it as the tenant might not keep it that way. Fair enough I guess.
The second house tenant is not a very good tenant. He pays the rent every week no problems, but the garden is a mess now.
Is there any way Mum can keep the second house?


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well yes, your mum can do whatever she likes and rent/sell whatever houses she likes i suppose! is it in the tennancy that the tennant has to maintain the garden? if not, why should they?
She needs to lower the price, despite what she thinks or an estate agent has told her it is not worth what she is asking for it.... how do I know because it hasn't sold in a year.

She needs to face the reality that she has to reduce the price. She can pretend all she likes that it's great with this and that and therefore worth what she is asking but clearly it's not.

Too many sellers out there are deluding themselves, price is everything, if it's not selling it's too high.
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Mums lowered the price twice. It's now on sale for lower than the GV.
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Selling a house.

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