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Setting up a management company on a leasehold property

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liamjford | 17:11 Thu 06th Sep 2007 | Property
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I live in a lease hold property with an absent landlord.

I want to set up a management company with the others living in the same building.

How do i go about doing this and how much would it cost to do so (need it cost anything).

Many thanks,



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I think you should contact The Leasehold Advisory Service -
Question Author
Thanks for that, I contacted them and they were amazingly helpful, providing loads of helpful info.

If anyone else is in the same boat please do give those guys a go, they are free and have filled me in on so much of the law surrounding this. I'll not comment too much as i don't want to get it wrong (i'm no lawyer!) but a lot of the work i thought I'd have to pay a solisitor/private investigator to do, I can do myself.

They will even arrange for someone to give me and the others in my house an estimate of the costs involved in paying the Crown to buy the lease out, so we all know what this will involve for us.

Anyway, if you have any lease questions get onto those guys, they will point you in the right direction.

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Setting up a management company on a leasehold property

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