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Putting in a window that makes you overlooked??

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mjlworks | 09:44 Wed 18th Apr 2007 | Property
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Hope you can help. I live in a semi detached house and the next two semis are set back a little so that next doors garage runs alongside my garden. They have a landing window on the side of the house that looks a little over my garden, but is obscured by the apex roof on his garage. He put the apex on his garage last summer without me having anything through the door from the planning people about what he was planning to do. Now to top it all off it looks like he's putting in a loft window which will be above the landing window on the side of the house. This window will be so high up that he will have full viewing into my garden, which leaves me no privacy at all. Again, I did not have one letter through the door to tell me this was happening. Can he just do that without contacting me as I will now be totally overlooked? Hope you can help. Thanks


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What I would do is contact the local council and you will be able to see any planning application that has been put in. I suspect your neighbour has not applied otherwise you would have seen a notice put up outside or nearby the property. So, you can ask them if what he is done is legal or if he required permission.
I live in South Bucks and our loft dormer window had to have obscurred glass to pass planning stage. Contact council ... in the meantime look at their planning suggestions on their website ( if they have one, try if you are not sure of the exact web address.)
An apex to a garage roof would not need planning - an apexed garage roof can surprisingly be in the region of 3 metres high without the need for any planning.

His landing window is fine - unless he had it fitted since the house was built - it may need planning permission if it's been done recently.

His loft window will most definitely need some kind of building consent and like sense4all says - may need to be frosted.

Unfortunately - we don't have a right to privacey

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Putting in a window that makes you overlooked??

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