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Management Company For Share Of Freeholders In Small Block Of Flats

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bond | 19:51 Sat 23rd Aug 2014 | Property
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I don't get time to attend the meetings of the shared freeholders of our blocks of flats (which involves a member of the management company who take our views and our money to manage the shared freehold) and therefore cannot/do not vote on things. Am I legally entitled (freedom of information?) to ask the management company to tell me which individuals/flat owners have voted yes or no for the issues they discuss and changes to be made? If I could be there, I would know the individuals obviously, so surely if I can't be there they should be able to tell me specifically?


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Are there no minutes of the meetings taken ?

Maybe the voting is taken by ballot!
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I think minutes are taken, but no specific people are mentioned. What is really annoying me is that we have been told not to throw any food out for the birds (this is a haven for birds, I have seen all sorts including redwings, woodpeckers, and I am in central London) and a small bbq in the huge communal gardens needs to be removed because it looks offensive. Even more I asked about installing a dish to receive Sky and I was told not allowed and all the existing ones (that were put up ages ago) would have to be removed and nothing has happened and that is months ago.
Bond...If it were me with these problems, then I think that I would make a point of attending the next meeting,to find out the format and to raise any matters troubling me.

Your non attendance is perhaps being taken as disinterest by the people who do attend the meetings.
freedom of information only applies to public bodies, not management companies - why don't you just ask? Although if it isn't written down in minutes, how on earth anyone is supposed to remember is beyond me

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Management Company For Share Of Freeholders In Small Block Of Flats

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