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Ladybyrne | 17:52 Mon 15th Jul 2013 | Property
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Can anyone give me an idea of how much I can expect to pay for the house clearance of a typical three-bedroomed semi. I have had a quote from a well-known charity for £285 which will include the removal of large furniture, bric-a-brac, clothes, books etc. Obviously the Charity will sell what they can in their charity shops and will dispose of the rest. Does this sound like a fair quote? Many thanks in advance.


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This might help

It does depend on where in the Uk you are.
Paying for house clearance that's a new one on me, hospices & charity shops have always to my knowledge been very grateful for all they could get to sell on for what they could raise at the point of sale.

WR when we had to clear my Mum's, the charities we asked would only take it for nothing if we took the stuff to them and if it was saleable. Its very expensive now to dispose of rubbish and of course there is the cost of operating the van or truck.
I asked a similar question here.

Acting on the advice given I contacted a local house clearance company,
They removed everything for me including carpets etc. and paid me £98 as well.
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Thank you all for your very useful answers. I think I'd better do some ringing around!! LB
Why not put an ad in the local newsagents or gumtree and invite people to come .... And say everything is free !
I would ring round, seems to be a bit of variation here. If it helps, a local charity gave us £150 to clear my mother's house.
Have you got a local auction house? One of the local estate agents may be able to give you the name of one. We had one clear my Mother in Law's out. They disposed of everything that could not be sold like mattresses, sold the rest at their auction and we got the money less their costs. We just took her clothes to a charity shop and a few personal things and they did the rest, we got about £800.
My son in law and grand son who we call Danny Dingle would probably do it for nothing - My daughter won't let them take anything to the tip because because they come back with more than they take Ha Ha
I advised chrisgel to get a house clearance company .
there is one just near me , he pays the owner £50 to £100 for the contents of a house and then clears it for them. He sells what he can and puts the rest in a skip and gets rid of it legally. He cleans repaints and sells the furniture ,it looks like new when he is finished with it and he sells it a lot cheaper than places like Ikea, plus it is better quality no fibre board !

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