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poppy | 01:58 Fri 14th Aug 2009 | Interiors
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Has anyone bought a rechargeable swivel sweeper - they are advertised on TV - I got one just over a year ago for �40 and it was great to begin with, especially for a quick clean up in the kitchen, but after the guarantee expired it got slower and slower and finally came to a halt altogether. I sent away for a replacement battery but that didn't work either, so I'm not very happy. Just wondered if anyone else had the same problem.


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hi poppy, theyre great arent they?
my mums got one and uses it every day for just shuvving round quick inbetween the real plug in hoover times.
and yes, hers too has started to get slower and slower, needing charging more frequently now, so a new battery has been ordered, (it still hasnt arrived yet)
she wouldnt be without the little cleaner as its just so handy and said she saw one exactly the same the other day, not a cheaper not so good replica sort that are about out there, and shes tempted to get one.
i will ask her tomorrow where she seen it and will let you know ok.
it was in blooms the garden centre she saw them, if you need to get yourself a new one.
mums is still working fine and is still nippy when its charged up, it just slows down of course when the batterys running low.
i think shes had hers for about 2 years now .
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Yes I really did like it and am really missing it now. Pity it conked out just as the guarantee expired and not a thing I can do about it because I bought it in Woolworths and we all know what happened to them. Just my luck.
I have looked at the Gtech but it doesnt have the four rollers going round; it doesnt swivel and I dont think it will do the corners as well as the swivel.
I will probably get another but I wanted to be sure mine is an isloated case and that normally they do last a bit longer.
Remember the old Ewbanks that you pushed around - the
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0oh dear must have hit the submit button in error - just wanted to say the old Ewbank my mum had must have been 20 years old, praps I should get one of them :-)
ah, mums is a gtech poppy, i know the ones you mean now, they swivvel right round dont they.
maybe try the gtech one, you might like it!

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