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Which type of tumble dryer?

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Annabella72 | 12:28 Fri 01st May 2009 | Interiors
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I'm lookind to replace our current vented tumble dryer but am not sure to either stick with the same or change to condenser dryer. Has anyone had experience of both? I'm happy to empty the water, but in running costs, rating and drying time, is there any advantages? TIA


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In my exeprience, condensors take linger, use more power and have an added hassle of having to empty the water.

I think they were invented so that people could site them away from an external wall.
I meant "longer" not "linger"
ive had both and would have the vented one every time, had to have condenser one this time when i moved. they do take longer to dry and obviously cost more
God, me too - I've had vented and condenser and the condenser is a nightmare. It's a hotpoint, it cost a fortune, it takes 2 hours to dry a few tea towels, it fills the kitchen with water vapour, and it ruins fabric!!

If you have any access whatsoever to put a vented dryer in, do it!!

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Which type of tumble dryer?

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