Shower base waterproof sealant.

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Dollychris | 20:18 Thu 24th Jul 2008 | Interiors
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Hello there,

We have a continuing problem with our shower base as the sealant - and we have used many top brands - just keeps breaking down allowing water to come through to the kitchen below.
Can anyone recommend a really good product please as we are running out of products to try and really need to sort this problem. A plumber will probably be the answer but if anyone can advise first would be very grateful.
Thank you!


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If there is movement in the base when weight goes on it, with respect to the walls, you will struggle to solve this problem. Even the best silicone sealants just won't be elastic enough to stretch.
Establish if this is the cause (may demand some crouching in the shower - or put small wedges of card in with you stood in there, get out and see whether it is now trapped because the narrowing the gap).
If this is the case, you only way I have managed to sort it (apart from pulling the tray out) is to load the tray with a lot of weight, to force open the gap. I did it with 4 bags of cement. You could use bricks - but you need about 100Kg in there. This sounds extreme, but it similar to the weight of a heavy person standing in there. Then you can refill with new silicone (clean out all the old stuuf first obviously.
When the silicone is set, remove the weight.
What happens is that the silicone is put under compression when not being used, but sits normally when someone has a shower. You are currently putting the silicone under tension. Hope this cumbersome explanation is understandable.
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Dear Buildersmate & Cleversod,

I am really grateful to you both for your prompt answers and will do as you both say to try and solve this problem.
Hope it works or everytime we shower it will also shower the wall of the brand new kitchen!
Sincere thanks both,
I may be a bit late but make sure you remove all silicone first as silicone doesn't stick to old stuff very well.


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Shower base waterproof sealant.

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