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Carpet Fitting

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CheekyChops | 13:12 Wed 16th Jul 2008 | Interiors
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Can carpet fitters lay a new carpet if there is still furniture in the room?

I live in a terraced house that has a through lounge/diner. If I had a new carpet, I could empty the room of all furniture except the sofa as there is absolutely no-where to put it other than on the pavement outside (no chance).

Could the fitters lay one end of the room first, then move the sofa to the bit they've just done and finish the rest?

How does it work? I can't be the only one with this problem!


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Cheers for that Tetjam...

Anyone got a sensible answer?
Ask the carpet fitter, I'v had different experiences with carpet fitters, 1 who was very helpfull and carpetted and moved a desk, sofa and sideboard. Yet another one from the same company refused to move anything and wanted the room cleared.
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I don't mind moving it from one end of the room to the other myself but there really is nowhere else for it to go, it won't fit in or go through the kitchen!
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PMSL @ Tetjam!!

Yes, they can lay the carpet with the furniture in it.
I have had problems with this in the past. I went to Allied Carpets and chose the carpet, had them out to measure, went back to the shop to order when I received the estimate and just happened to mention the problem with the furniture and the guy told me they didn't lift furniture the room had to be cleared. When I reminded him I was spending approx �1,000 and I would pay extra he was most un-cooperative so I told him to stick his carpet and walked out. I finally bought from a small local business and I was quite taken aback at the estimate as it was �150 cheaper. I would mention your problem when ordering. The carpet fitters I had said they came across this all the time and it wasn't a problem. So it really depends on the shop you buy from.
Thanks to all, even Tetjam for making me laugh :-D
Oops, CheekyChops is my work name, I can't log on under CheekyChops from home for some weird reason, it won't recognise my password, I'm logged in automatically!
My experience is use a smaller business for your purchase who will usually accommodate your request even if it means paying more or a decent tip.


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