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happyjo | 21:02 Tue 18th Sep 2007 | Interiors
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I am redocrating my bathroom. We bought our house 5 years ago and the house had been gutted and re-vamped... The bathroom was a pale lilac in colour.. we have lived with it for the last 5 years ... But it is time to get a fresh look.

We are opting for a neutral look... stone and beige and cream...

When I bought this house, I spent �200 on egyprian cotton towels in lilacs and purple....

Can I dye these towels brown??

I am happy to buy some new towels, but my existing towels are 100% immaculate and in excellent condition.

Thanks in advance



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I've dyed towels before, Jo, but I think in this case, unless you want them dark brown (?), you'd have to strip them of their original colour first. Dylon do a machine dye, which is easy to use and they also do stuff for getting rid of the original colour, before you embark on the dyeing. Actually, I think lilac & purple would go quite well with stone & beige...
Anyway, good luck! (oh, it costs about �5 a pack & one pack would probably do a bathsheet, or equivalent, so not cheap!)
i decorated our bath room recently as well and bought nice new crisp white towels ( 4 bath sheets 4 hand towels ) only took a week of having to wash them every day to realise that any one with half a brain that was married to a mechanic would of realised this was a mistake before parting with the cash lol, so decided to try dying them, i looked at the machine dyes but going by weight would of needed about 6 or 7 packs of dye at �6 a pack so decided to get 2 navy cold water hand dye ones and do them in the bath, it was hard work because of the weight but it worked fine with 2 dyes to that many towels they turned out a dark cornflower type colour so you would have to bear in mind the more weight the lighter the final colour.
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Kleiber and Lorri...

Thanks for your advice...Sounds like hard work!!! so......

I think I may tootle off to Dunelm Mill and buy new ones... !!!!

Jo x

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Dying towels

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