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What Is The Name Of Those Shutters...

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peachybabe | 22:25 Tue 27th Sep 2016 | Interiors
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.....that are hung on the inside of your windows. Not the Plantation shutters with the "blades", but the really old fashioned type that are solid. The only way I can think to describe them would be that each shutter is made from a sheet of mdf, with a small decorative hole cut into it. They then fold across the window. A bit like the window shutters in old houses.



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Do you mean like old chateau shutters?
I think chateau shutters are the French kind that are fixed to the outside of properties.
Question Author
Yes, sort of. Maybe not quite as substantial but very similar.
Question Author
Brainiac. I want them to go on the inside.
Yeah, sorry I realised after posting brainiac ... here's what I had in mind but as brainiac said, they're exterior ..
I had them in the last old stone built house..they were the originals..don't know what they are called..perhaps a local joiner can make and fit for you ?
Do they concertina back peachy? May be someone will come on that knows better what they are called x
the first one in my link ?
Question Author
Murraymints. Thats the closest I've seen so far. Thank you. At least I've got something to show my carpenter!
Yay murray!! She's a posh bird her peachy! ;0)
pleasure..I loved mine and always shut them at night during winter months ..hope you get sorted !
lol Lina x
They do look really nice.
Also... consider bi-fold shutters for wider windows..................
Wow, I'd have expected that sort of price to include fitting. Maybe I'll consider it next year.

Shutters that are hung on the inside of windows are typically called "interior shutters" or "indoor shutters." There are different types of interior shutters, and one popular style is known as "plantation shutters." Plantation shutters have wide louvers or slats and are often associated with a classic and timeless aesthetic. They are designed to be installed on the interior side of windows and can be opened or closed to control light and privacy.

Other types of interior shutters may include traditional shutters with smaller slats, cafe shutters that cover only the lower part of the window, and solid shutters that do not have adjustable louvers. The specific name may vary based on the style and design of the shutter, but "interior shutters" is a general term that encompasses a variety of options.

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What Is The Name Of Those Shutters...

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