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I Have Removed A Ceiling Light Fitting In Bedroom, Now Other Lights In Bungalow Don't Work

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JG1965 | 18:21 Sat 15th Dec 2012 | Interiors
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I live in a bungalow and have removed a ceiling light fitting in my bedroom to fit another one in the next couple of days, but the ceiling lights in my hall, living room and kitchen don't come on, but bedside lamps are working and bathroom ceiling light is working, why is this?
I removed a light fitting in the kitchen this summer but replaced it straight away so did not notice if this also happened after I removed light fitting.
Are the other lights not working because I have removed the ceiling light in the bedroom?
Thanks in advance.


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Put simply, yes. How many wires went to the ceiling rose? More than 2, I bet.
Most ceiling roses have three cables into them.
Live feed IN
Live feed OUT (loop on)
Switch wire.

Somehow, JG, you've disconnected the "loop on"
Have you checked your fuse box? If a light goes dud in my house a trip switch always trips. doesn't knock everything out.
on teh subject of lights I replaced a double (switchon/off) light switch in my living room with dimmer switches. That was easy. With energy saving bulbs, unless I use speial expensive 'dimmer light bulbs' I get an annoying hum from my lights. For the life of me I can't seem to reverse the process. There are two wires coming up(or down) and 3 coming down(or up) to the switch. I'm stuck.
// There are two wires coming up(or down) and 3 coming down(or up) to the switch.//

Could you try that again Monty ;o)
Question Author
Yes, three wires, I think two are black and one is yellow/green. So once I fit the new light fitting everything should be back to normal.
What colours are the Live Feed In, Live Feed Out(loop on) and Switch Wire?

In old colours, JG ...............

The live in and the loop are connected together ... red to red black to black.
The blacks (neutrals) connect to the lamp
The red of the switch wire connects to the red lives.
The black of the switch wire returns from the switch (switched live). It should have a red sleeve on it to indicate it's being used as a live. (This goes to the lamp)
All the earths must be connected together and connected into the earth terminal.
aye, the numbers sound confusing I know. It's just that it's been so long since I looked at the wiring. I just refitted the dimmer switches and bought a box box of special bulbs.
Dimmable bulbs then Monty?
All sorted?
Question Author
The light fittting has a Blue wire(Neutral) Brown Wire(Live) and Yellow/Green wire(Earth), there are three wires coming from the ceiling 2 are Black and I is Yellow/Green, what are the two Black wires, which one is the live one?
Haha. I could have saved myself a load of typing there JG.
Two black and an earth?????????

Are all three in the same sheath? (plastic outer)
For the loop to have been broken, I can only guess there's some wiring that's been shoved back up into the ceiling.
I assume your black wires are neutral and switched live (should have red sleeve).
Connecting the lamp to these is not going to resolve the loop problem.
You do need to do some tracing now JG. This isn't making sense I'm afraid :o(
Question Author
Yes all the three wires have plastic outer coverings, but I can't see anything to show a difference between the black cables.
See if you can pull them out of the ceiling to get at the rest of the wiring. Something has become disconnected.
I can't think of any other reason I'm afraid.
Question Author
OK, I will try that tomorrow and let you know, thanks for your help anyway.
Yes, do come back. We might be able to get a bit further. Good luck
Question Author
Had a look and there is only 3 wires coming from the ceiling 2 black and 1 green/yellow nothing else. I have a B&Q Albany Chrome plated 5 light ceiling fitting. I have twisted together the 5 brown feed wires on light fitting and the 5 blue feed wires together and fitted these with the earth wire into the 4 way terminal block. I know the earth wire from the ceiling goes opposite the earth wire in the terminal block but am not sure about the 2 black ceiling lights I have tried both of them opposite the blue wires and brown wires but still nothing, am I meant to put the black ceiling wires opposite one another in the empty space on the 4 way terminal block.
JG, you just need to test to see which of the black ones is the switched live. A simple little neon screwdriver would do. When you've identified the live one, connect that into the browns. Connect the other into the blues.
Don't forget to connect the body of the light fitting to the earth.
Use an approved voltage checker and test between the earth and each of the black??? wires and you should get 230v approx when switched on.If you dont then you have a break in the wiring and you may need to gain access above to investigate.
Hi TB are you bored too:-)

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I Have Removed A Ceiling Light Fitting In Bedroom, Now Other Lights In Bungalow Don't Work

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