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Advice on vacuum cleaners, please

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ladyalex | 20:48 Wed 02nd May 2012 | Interiors
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Is there a cheapo version of the Dyson DC26 City Multi floor cleaner ?

I need one that is a bagless cylinder and pretty light in weight.


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Miele, Miele, Miele. You won't be disappointed
I have a DC24 its very light but is a upright type but is a lot cheaper.
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Thanks. I'll have a look at those....but it has to be small and light...
Dyson? I had one once. Couldn't wait to get rid of it.
I love my DC35 - very lightweight and powerful - still pretty expensive, but not as expensive as the DC26. It's great for stairs, and I use it on wooden floors and lino too. It's rechargeable, which is great if you don't want wires trailing around, but does mean you can't hoover for more than about 20 minutes on maximum power. User Recommendation
To pick up a bargain, you could always try
Meile every time, ladya - knocks the Dyson into the proverbial cocked hat :-)
They do the DC26 at a good price, and also lots of bagless Vax and Hoover cleaners too.
Not only is the Dyson DC24 a good little machine, once you get used to it, the after sales service is splendid. A ham fisted deorator managed to burn out the motor by unsuitable use. The still send a new head and motor without demur at no cost.
We use a Dyson, great machines! easy to service and repair and the parts are cheap.
Our Miele is good but Madame finds it too heavy and the hospital grade filters are expensive to renew.

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Advice on vacuum cleaners, please

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