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Table lamps that give a good light and not this awful orange glow..............

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lilacben | 22:09 Mon 09th Jan 2012 | Interiors
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Both my table lamps and floor lamp have energy saving bulbs in but I just hate the colour the bulbs let out. Has anyone got lamps that have a white glow.?


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If you want a 'crisp' white light (e.g. for reading), switch to LED lamps, such as this one:
(NB: Take care when buying LED lamps. Some of the cheaper ones are battery-operated and you could end up paying nearly as much for a mains adapter as you did for the lamp. Ensure that you're buying a mains-powered one).

We bought a small halogen reading lamp from tesco more than satisfied,and they need the sales
I do but I stockpiled on old-style bulbs.
You can buy a daylight bulb - or at least you could - they were designed for stitchers who need a good light to stitch in the evenings, they gave a good white light, try somewhere like Hobbycraft or any good crafting site.
We have some from, would you believe, Wickes DIY and they are not as dull as some. May be worth checking out.
For white glow you visit the Lamps website Lilindo just put it in Google and contact them.


It's so frustrating when your lamps aren't giving out the right kind of light, isn't it!

I'd suggest taking a look at the lamps at Litecraft, they're excellent quality and give a really nice glow to your home.

Here's a link to their lamps page, I hope this helps!


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Table lamps that give a good light and not this awful orange glow..............

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