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How To Grow Butternut Squash

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RATTER15 | 15:36 Fri 22nd Jul 2016 | Gardening
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My good lady put a couple of seeds from a butternut squash in to a pot a few weeks ago and they germinated and are now about 3 inches high.

Now what?

should we grow them in the greenhouse or out?

any tips to give them a fair crack?


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From the RHS

and the BBC

It seems that you've sown them very late but, as you've had some success, it looks as if if might be worth transferring them outdoors fairly soon.
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Thanks Chris, interesting sites. We will give them a go, nothing to lose!
It is a bit late so put them out a.s.a.p. I hope you have a large veg. plot. I grew them very successfully in France and fortunately they store very well because I ended up with over 30 fruits! I just looked up 'growing butternut squash' on tinternet.

If Mrs RATTER grows an avocado from seed as I did - be warned, it grows to about 30ft high, although I kept topping mine at ceiling height and it made an attractive foliage plant.

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How To Grow Butternut Squash

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