Indoor plants that flies don't like

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barb1314 | 14:05 Sun 26th Jun 2011 | Gardening
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We are getting lots of flies in our conservatory and I was wondering if anyone knows of any plants that flies don't like. So far I've read about mint and basil..does anyone know of any others. I was wondering about Lavender but not sure if that can go inside. Thanks if you've any ideas.


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I've got lavender plants on the window sill. They really do help keep away flies etc.
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Brilliant Pixi.Not thought of them...ugly things though :-)
I love lavender so might give that a try. Then I'll get all the bees too!
Marigolds give off a scent that keep bugs and flys away but not the slugs and snails
You and em need to get together.:-


I have a large pot of lavender on my windowsill, think it helps with keeping flies away, and it really does smell lovely!..............
Oh, and I have lemon balm too!...........not sure whether it repels flies, but it smells lovely too!............
Pyrethrum plant
I don't think anyone has told the flies that they are supposed not to like basil. I have a large pot of it on the kitchen windowsill and still get flies.

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Indoor plants that flies don't like

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