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gutter cleaning

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foxyferret | 22:36 Fri 10th Jul 2009 | DIY
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anyone know of any good gadget to clean out the gutters on a two storey house from ground level or standing on a small ladder? I have no head for heights and so far I have had quotes from �80 to �110. This is for about 24 metres of guttering. Also, are these reasonable prices? They seemed quite high to me as I wouldn't think it would take that long. What are these people charging per hour? Any help much appreciated.


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Sounds like they are charging �80- �110 per hour
You could ask neighbors to have their gutters done as well & get a block price (yours would be free, ofcourse).

or buy this /accommo/outdoorhb/photos/lodge%201.jpg
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Thanks Elvis68. Yes, thats what I thought, it would probably only take them half an hour, it would be cheaper to get a solicitor up the ladder!!
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Good idea tamborine to ask the neighbours but I think theirs have been done not long ago. Shall bear it in mind though. Love the picture, I may have to resort to that soon. Thanks for your info.
in birkenhead there are a couple of men who come round every 6 to 12 months ish and they do it for �15
i live in tameside and have had a knock on my door as mine need doing and have been asked for �20 and the last time �50

you must be in a posh area

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I think I need a house exchange Dr Filth, that sounds more reasonable at �50. We are not particularly in a posh area, but our football team is POSH. Can you send your guys down this way, I'll make him a cup of tea!
Hi Foxyferret. We bought this product last year and found it does the job you're asking about /TOGCK.htm

The extendable handle allows you to work safely from ground level.
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Hi Mad Hatter, this looks like just the little jobbie. Many thanks for your help, I will probably be in touch with these guys as by the sound of it, I should be able to reach. Gratefully, foxyferret.
Hi Foxyferret. Glad to be of help.

If you buy it you may need to stand on a normal domestic ladder depending on your height. I'm just over 6' tall and it reaches our two storey house gutter ok. Anyone with a shorter reach may, as I said, need to be one or two steps up a small ladder to get a good sweep.
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yes, OK Space case, the old ones are the best. Anyway we already know that a man couldn't do it!!
For cleaning a gutter of a two story building, it is strongly recommended to take help from professionals. It is impossible to clean gutter on such height standing on a ladder. There are a lot of risk involve in it. Professionals have the experience of rigging ropes, height safety and most importantly they are insured.
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