whats the best window cleaning detergent

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harvey2108 | 10:22 Fri 27th Feb 2009 | DIY
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whats the best window cleaning detergent


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use a bit of vinegar in warm water and dry with newspaper - have been doing this for years and it really works.
As above add a splash of Fairy liquid!
My window cleaner says it has to be fairy.

Polish with newspaper.
go with carmalee vinegar water and newspaper!!!
Snap. Vinegar & newspaper.
Thats Humpty Dumpty Puddi not Windows{:D x
was thinking that stompe alsox
Some newspapers are printed with an ink that will leave behind a greasy surface if used to clean glass.
B&Q have a commercial grade cleaner called ''Squeege Off''. It's a super concentrate, and though it seems expensive, you only need a couple of teaspoonsful to a bucket of water - so one bottle will last for years. It's exceptionally good.

(The original Vanish liquid was amazing on cars and windows. An all-natural product giving a totally streak-free finish. Unfortunately they were bought over by Reckitt and Benckiser, who added this and that to ''improve'' the formula, and totally f*****d it up in the process).
A window tinting guy told me to use Johnsons Baby shampoo & water as he found it was the best.
I have found the vinegar the best cleaning product. This in one of the best cleaner to use as a multipurpose task.
chandelier cleaning
I have found the window cleaner from Lidl - called something WD now not WD40 just their window cleaning detergent - it is very good - find little streaking.
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whats the best window cleaning detergent

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