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Electrical Circuit??? Wot..... im a lady!

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poopy | 21:43 Wed 17th Sep 2008 | DIY
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I have a question i really do not have a clue. Its about an electrical circuit.

Imagine the circuite goes round in a square. Starting with the CELL(battery) across & down to an LED, under which is my point X, down and across between this bottom line & the top line is a VARIABLE RESISTOR connecting just after the CELL continue on the bottom line is my point Y, then a RESISTOR. Underneath the resistor is my point Z. Along and up to a LAMP which continues round back to the CELL.

At which point x,y or z would you insert an ammeter?
And at which points (x,y, or z) would you insert a voltmeter?

Could any1 please offer me any guidence. Many thanks


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break the circuit between cell and lead connected to cell,insert ammeter to measure total current flow.Connect voltmeter across either the cell(with existing connections in place,or across lamp (again with circuit complete and on.

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Electrical Circuit??? Wot..... im a lady!

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