Cold radiator!!! Help please, it doesnt need bleeding!!!

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mj2000uk | 18:18 Fri 05th Sep 2008 | DIY
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Help please!!!

We switched our heating on today (anyone else notice the cold?) and most of our house radiators work fine except one!!!

This is our lounge radiator, its downstairs and all other downstairs radiators work fine. Its not accidentally off and it did not need bledding but I notice that the pipe below the inlet valve is also cold. It seems hot water is just not making it to the radiator.

Any suggestions are welcome, just so I dont look totally uneducated when I call an engineer!!!




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A couple of things mj.........maybe...................unlikely, but, the TRV (numbered control valve) on the rad may be stuck down. Unscrew the head and remove it. This allows the water to flow uncontrolled.
More likely, you need a flush out LOL
Over the "summer", the water and sludge have been stagnant. re starting might have caused a bung up. Flushing the system could be the answer. After the pump has been running for a while though, it might just clear itself.
Sorry Mike, can't help you, but am just so happy to see a bloke asking for help!! Good on ya! :-) xx
I have this problem virtually every winter with my (now fairly elderly central heater rads).... one of the thermostatic radiator valves will stick so I have to remove it (just unscrew the jubilee clip and pull it off) and give the *pin* a gentle tap to release it. I was advised to leave the valve on full when I turn the central heating off the following spring, to prevent this happening again, but I often forget or just keep turning them down as the weather warms up.
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Thnaks for the advice and even though I am a man, I am not beyond asking for help!!!

I dont think its related to the valve although I will try it as the pipe feeding the valve is cold.

Would it be the case that because no water can flow through the valve then no water can travel at this point and so remains cold?

Thanks again!!!
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This lead to answering my own question people!!!

It dawned on me that the valve was blocked and so water could not flow to that point, thus explaining the cold pipe.

I went to the valve and turned it on and off quickly a few times and tapped the valve with the thick end of a!!!

Blockage clears and pipe instantly runs hot and radiator is repaired!!!

Thank you fellow Answerbankers!!!

Now how much would an engineer have charged to make himself look busy Rogue Traders style on that one eh!!!
LOL Mike... glad you are now warm and snug again !
Well done Mike!
How do you feel about asking for directions if you're lost? (just for my research purposes, you understand :-) ) xx
ahem, I have no heating, i am frozen stiff, sitting in my thermals lol
Question Author
Ah directions.....

You are lucky, I am a UK sales rep, I know this country like the back of my hand!!!

Also, you cant beat Tom Tom!!!
If you drive a 44 tonne truck Mike, believe me mate, you can beat Tom Tom daily if not more often.
Well done MJ you just saved a call out fee of �45 at least that is what i charge for the first hour on site, Other plumbers charge a lot more.
I have EXACTLY the same problem right now. I have removed the radiator! Flushed it through with hosepipe into the garden - black liquid for 3 hours!! then ran clean, replaced it in the system but still cold. Bled a couple of times. Now to try the valves.
Thanks guy's,just got in from work it's freezing and one of my radiators isnt working.Removed the thermostat and gave the valve a bash with a screwdriver,it's warming up.Can't wait to tell my hubby when he get's home,he probably wont believe me lol.
Hey,thanks guy's.I just got in from work and one of my rads isnt working.Took your advice,and took the thermostat thingy off gave the valve a tap with a screw driver.It.s warming up,my hubby probably wont believe i fixed it .But hey i know i did. :-))
Taken the thermostat off and messed about with the valve but no joy here :(.

Tried the balancing valve too but still no joy. I reckon one or both of the pipes may be frozen near an air inlet.
Hi everyone thanks for the advice on here. My kitchen radiator was stone cold last night when I came home and was the same at the start of the night. I took the thermostat off, the pin wasn't moving up & down so I banged the valve pin a few times lightly with a hammer and sprayed it with some WD40 and left the thermostat off (so the value should stay open) - bingo half an hour later and the radiator is red hot. Not bad for a blonde bird and hubby was impressed.

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Cold radiator!!! Help please, it doesnt need bleeding!!!

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