best way to cover unsightly uneven plaster

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ness1301 | 22:00 Tue 17th Jun 2008 | DIY
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I have just taken the wallpaper off the spare bedroom wall and found the plaster is painted in layers of paint and is chipped all over. My husband has just finished a kitchen extension and re skimmed the walls but I dont want to have to ask him to the bedroom as he has so much other work to do and I will have to chip all the skimming off. I would like one wall to be paper and wanted to paint the other three so was thinking to hide the unneveness I would put lining paper up and paint over that... dont even know if this will cover the mess. Any ideas?


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If it's really bad then even a heavy grade lining paper will still show the mess through. Your best bet is an embossed paper to then paint over.
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yeh thought of that , but they are a bit tacky and I wanted something really modern
I know, they're not the best, I'm afraid if you'll have to chat up hubby to skim if you really hate the embossed.
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wondered what those thick paints that you use for the ceiling would be like, dont want it to be bobbly either tho, god I'm fussy. The kitchen looks so lovely with the new plaster that would definatley be the best.
Painting directly over it, no matter how thick the paint will only emphasise it, I'm afraid.
Thick paint is crap too. As a veteran "house do-er upper" wait and get the finish you want in the fullness of time. Also the thick paint sits like a big plastic- custard type - skin on top of the dodgy wall, so is a pain in botty when you do decide to take it all off. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
I would use lining paper...a good tip for you if you use it...when you hang it, let it dry then use a fine sandpaper and gently rub the joins, when you paint over it it looks as if its all been plastered, hope this is of some use to you!
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Thanks for your tips... will prob put lining paper up..
reskim it and paint it it will work out the same cost of buying paper and getting a decorator in im a plasterer and your average room cost about £180

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best way to cover unsightly uneven plaster

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