what work top granite or wood??

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fluffy apple | 19:25 Thu 30th Aug 2007 | DIY
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I like the look of the traditional bespoke/ hand made kitchens. But unsure of work tops have heard lots negative feed back on granite but also how the wood work worktops stain easlily and need constant sanding!! so unsure whether granite or wood work top is the best.


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What have you heard about granite?
You certainly can't cut the onions on it without leaving a lot of little cut lines.
We have Zimbabwe Black - just about the worst colour for showing limescale. Mrs Buildersmate does nothing more than wipe it down after the washing-up havs been put on it, or cooking done on it, and its still perfect (3yrs old). Sometimes Mr Buildersmate does the same job (but on weekends only).
We've never used the little polishing kit that came with it.
We've done granite, but in a lighter mixed color. Generally, it's satisfactory, but it does need sealing a couple of times a year since it is absorbent. We've also acquired a smallish chip on one corner and there's not much we can do about it. If I were you, before I made a hard, fast decision, I'd look at any of the many "engineered stone" tops. I'm in the U.S. and I really like the looks of Silestone... all the beauty of granite without the downsides...
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about the limescale and constant cleaning of it..but i think anywork top in a busy kitchen will need cleaning.

Buildersmate- Did you mean if i were to slice an onion on it the granite would mark?

So does it just come down to price-granite being more exspensive??

Thanks for replies.
Yes, granite is hard, but not that hard.
I used to be a marble/granite mason who fitted many of these granite worktops and I can assure you that nothing is as hard and durable as granite. With nothing more than very little care and attention it will with no doubt last a lifetime!!
Buildersmate, I would love to know of a stone that is harder!! granite is incredibly hard!! don't get confused with marble, that is far softer and not really suitable for a worktop. I do accept it is not beyond damage. if granite does dull or get scratches it could be taken to a marble/granite mason who could re-polish it to make it as good as new and they can even repair chips and breaks.
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Thankyou for all your replies.

But can I chop on granite???
I'm a kitchen fitter and wouldn't have anything but granite, but black would be my last choice, it looks great but marks easier. Why would you want to chop anything on a granite worktop after paying so much money for it ? use a chopping board. You should look after your worktop no matter what its made of. Customers ask me if they can put hot pans directly onto the granite, but i don't understand why they would nead to do that.
There is nothing that wont be marked by chopping!!
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Thanks very much for your replies.
Hi - Have you thought about Corian or Zodiaq (made by Dupont). It is manmade but looks just light Granite - you can buff it up and it repels liquids/stains, whereas granite absorbs them.

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what work top granite or wood??

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