How do make a room look wider?

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lizzi | 14:21 Fri 12th Jan 2007 | DIY
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I'm just about to decorate my bedroom which is long and narrow and I'm thinking of papering two walls and painting the other two. I've found some lovely wallpaper which is a paleish blue with white sketchy roses on it, and I was going to paint the other two walls white/off white. Which walls should I paint and which ones should I paper to make the room look less narrow and more wider?


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Not sure, but I would suggest the use of two mirrors on opposite walls. They reflect off each other and make the room look bigger.
the longer two walls u should paint light, and the smaller two walls u should paint darker. doesn't have to be really dark just a bit darker than the two long walls, what happens is the darker walls appear visually closer making the room less narrow. hope it helps.
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If you want to make the room fel wider paper the two small walls, and paint the two long walls.
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Thanks guys, I'll give it a try!

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How do make a room look wider?

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