I hope you all will not find this question a "saw" point.

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JonnyBoy12 | 18:31 Sat 31st Mar 2012 | DIY
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I hope you will not think I am being penny pinching but as you all know I am on a very limited income at the moment and do not have money to waste. I have been cutting down and sawing up wood for a local park lately but have had to use my own tools. I have been using a bowsaw as do not own a chainsaw but feel sure that this will not last forever. Most blades we use can be sharpened but have been told that this is not the case with bowsaw blades.

Can anyone here tell me if this is correct, or can they be sharpened and if so how often, and also how is this done?

Thanks in advance for any replies, folks.


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I cut and paste this but it sounds feasible.

It is important to know whether your bow saw has special hardened teeth, which is very common in the saws sold today. This can be determined by consulting a representative at a local hardware store. Bow saws with special hardened teeth cannot be sharpened, and attempting the sharpening process on them will damage them and make them potentially unusable.
Not with hardened teeth Johnners. Even if you could, I don't think it would be worth your while if you bought them like this ..................
Around £1.60 each incl. postage ..........

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I hope you all will not find this question a "saw" point.

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