What paint to use for MDF

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honey33 | 06:23 Wed 11th May 2011 | DIY
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Hi i have had some pipe work boxed in around the top of the kitchen walls the boxing has been done with MDF, my question is please does anyone no if before i paint it with matt paint, do i need to use a primer or undercoat first.....Some say i need to get special mdf paint but i was wondering if this matters or can i use something else.The MDF has like a smooth surface on front, any hep on painting this would be great.I will be useing matt emulsion so it matches the colour of the walls also....Just someone said if i dont use mdn primer it will peal off...thanks for your help in advance


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I used to work with a chap who made bespoke kitchen units from MDF; he used to seal it with matt white emulsion.

And I have done so in my house whenever necessary.......never had any problems.
Honey - have a look here
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Yes, emulsion on bare timber and MDF doesn't give any problems usually......... but, use a proper MDF primer if you intend to go with undercoat and gloss or similar.
Just make sure the priming coat is thin and wishy-washy.
Vacuum the MDF first though .. seriously!

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What paint to use for MDF

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