Leaking shower......

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ELVIS68 | 01:00 Wed 13th Apr 2011 | DIY
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I replaced an old shower with a new one and followed the fitting instructions from the manual..please bear with me...

1, Fitted the shower hose minus the shower head as stated

2, The manual then says...Turn on the electric and mains water supplies to the shower...did that

3,Then press the start button and wait until water starts to flow from the hose...did that

4, Then it says...Slowly turn the temperature control fully to the anti clockwise maximum flow position..did that

5, It says it takes 30 secs for a smooth flow and then turn temperature control up and down several times to release any trapped air within the unit..did that

6, It then says once flushing out has been completed stop the flow and fit the shower head and the shower is now ready for use

When I did step 4, water was dripping from inside the shower unit, I took the front cover off and tried it again and the water was dripping from what looks like according to the manual the "stabalising valve" surely a brand new unit would not leak like this?

I got this from Argos and the box it came in was just a plain white cardboard box with a Triton sticker on it, No glossy pics of the shower

I`m wondering now if this has been a re-packaged item that someone has sent back

Sorry for a long winded thread


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Things fail out of the box all the time. If you're sure the leak isn't coming from connections you've made take it back to Argos and get a replacement. In my experience they're very good with returns.
Good luck.
Ditto Elvis .............. there shouldn't be any water inside the unit :o(
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Belated thanks for your replies, rather than the hassle of disconnecting it and taking it back to Argos I rang Triton and they sent an engineer to take a look and it was a faulty washer in the pressure valve, ten minute repair and good as new

Thanks again

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Leaking shower......

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