Egyptian Bread

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nfn | 01:33 Fri 05th Nov 2010 | History
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M'boy is off on a school trip and they HAVE to have a traditional Egyptian packed lunch (no plastic bags/lunch boxes etc). Just because I need to be 'spot on', does anyone know a modern day equivalent of traditional, ancient Egyptian bread please? Preferably one I can re-produce! Thank you


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I don`t know about ancient Egyptian bread but in Egypt and the middle east they eat Arabic bread which is very much like pitta but thinner and a bit more elastic. Pitta bread would be the nearest you can get to that.
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thanks Pixi, might have to be Hovis then, lol!!
2375J (if that is your real name) lol - I think Pitta is looking like the way to go!

Thank you both
Any flat bread will do, eg chappatti or pitta.Just think of traditional middle eastern stuff and you won't go far wrong.
pitta and hummus maybe, in a paper bag.
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we have to put it in a paper bag and the only plastic allowed is for water bottles (thankfully they don't insist on cowhide)lol - I'm really looking forward to this challenge and thank you for your help

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Egyptian Bread

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