South East Asia Floods 2007

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ATB_roo | 20:15 Sun 09th Sep 2007 | History
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What were the responses (physical, social, and economical) to the South East Asia flooding in 2007?


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OK break the question down,
Physical responses, this will mean emergency teams, media coverage, emergency relief, international response with sending aid in.
Social : What sort of communitiues were hit, what was the immediate estimate of death toll, where their any aspects of the disaster that were specifically reported, anecdotal reports of bravery or faith etc.
Economic: What was the physical loss as regards bulidings and infra structure, can the country's hit meet the rebuilding costs, have they requested funding form the UN and international aid organisations etc.
Conclude by being either critical of the support or praising the response from the Western Governments.
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Thanks very much banned-dot :D
hmm, don't just focus on western governments - try to find out the local response too, from the governments involved and from their neighbours.
I also think that you should bring in the World Health Organisation and the information on recent developments in this link: 503/Section2358_13502.htm

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South East Asia Floods 2007

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