Bonnie Prince Charlie - Scottish Hero

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strozzi | 14:16 Sat 12th Jul 2003 | History
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Bonnie Prince Charlie, born in Italy to a Polish mother, apparently spent most of his life in mainland Europe. How long did this Scottish legend actually spend in Scotland ?


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About 12 months in Scotland and a couple in England. Click
for a suitable website.

If only he'd known the Royal Court in London was panicking at his approach and ready to flee to Europe, he would not, presumably, have decided to turn back to Scotland, having got as far south as Derby.

Ah, but that's such stuff as dreams are made on!

He landed at Eriskay in June 1745, and escaped after the battle of Culloden in April 1746. So about 10 months in the UK in total.
BPC sailed from France on July 5th 1745, landing at Eriskay in the Western Isles on July 23rd. He raised his standard at Glenfinnan on the Scottish mainland on 19th August that year. After great initial success, his army was finally defeated at Culloden on April 16th 1746. Thereafter he spent months in hiding, before finally escaping back to France in September 1746.

July 1745 - September 1746 = 14 months. (I suspect Toglet has not taken account of the months the Prince spent after Culloden as a fugitive in the Highlands.) My dates come from the 'Encyclop�dia of Scotland'.

That's one of the best answers on this whole site - brilliant, Quizmonster! My dates came from the Oxford Illustrated History of the British Monarchy; obviously incorrect.
Thanks for the kind comment, Toglet...and for the veritable galaxy of stars, Strozzi!
I'd love to add something but the esteemed Qm has as usual beaten me to the I can only echo his thoughts......and add some Rabbie

When day is gane, and nicht has come

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I think on him that's far awa'

The lee-lang nicht, & weep, my dear,

The lee-lang nicht and weep.

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Bonnie Prince Charlie - Scottish Hero

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