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Yes I have a question woofgang: what did you make of Castro's speech?
Long, very long.
"Castro's speech is printed in Schotz's book from pages 53 to 86." That's not a speech, it's a novella. Castro must have begun writing that the moment after JFK's head exploded for it to be delivered on Cuban radio the day after the assassination.
Perhaps it had been written days before the assassination...
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"Castro must have begun writing that the moment after JFK's head exploded"

If, he wrote it... speechwriters are in common use by many.

I found a more reliable(?) source of that speech:

Which source has his second speech on 27/11/1963:
You mean Fidel Castro,the socialist dictator of Cuba?He probably wrote the speech the week before,perhaps three or four days before he gave Lee Harvey Oswald a phone call...

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F. Castro Speech On 23/11//63 About Jfk Assassination.

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