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Im Not Best At Giving A Good Explanation But I Tried My Best

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Natureboy96 | 23:43 Wed 07th Dec 2016 | History
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But here goes nothing. So this thing that i´m curious about is supposed to be completely natural and has to do with this thing that happened to me [so i smoked a blunt with a "friend" around 11-13 and my parents never have smoked before so they didn't think it was right for me to smoke but they got me to stop smoking like 1 year or 2 ago ( and this thing happened to me on the last few days i was with my "other friends", so we was in a group together stood up in like a circle and the boy in front of me said my name, but he didn't say it, he was reading my mind and sorta kinda just "interrupted me" telepathically, if you know what i mean. So i started saying that he just said my name and they were kinda laughing a bit of hysteria, but he said no so many times that he didn't say my name so we just ended up leaving the location and this "friend" kinda made an opening for anybody to shout stuff in the random, so i had to get used to it from then on)]. So after a couple of weeks of this new "getting used to" thing i started to receive my other "friend" (the first friend who gave me a blunt to smoke) and he wanted me to pay more attention to the television on a random moment, so i did and i think i experienced as if the man on the national geographic television show was "speaking to me" as if he answered one thing i said. So after that i shortly when to bed after that and i woke up the next morning without much remembered/knowledge about this situation i experienced.

So as days went by i kinda started looking at the television from a different perspective and checking to make sure what i said would make the person/animal/"moving object's" body language(you know the television and the body language it emits, is not live, obviously, so pretty much anything would be giving me answers or just sending me out a message for anything i´m saying in my head/thinking/doing at that moment before paying attention to the music or television to see "what it had to say for that what i was doing that moment"), but not that i understand very well the reason why the trees when they move(with the wind), or the wind itself if it blows on me, why this happens... And if anybody has also this "supernatural" ability and knows something about anywhere i could go to and read more about on google, any sites or if you have the answer i would highly appreciate some of that please and thank you.

I find it interesting because if i look at the trees outside my home and look at how it is moving i might experience someone i have met before, same as for if i´m listening to music, it might sound like they are saying stuff or trying to answer any question i´m "throwing out there". But like for example if i´m watching a television program i might feel as though the person who is speaking really felt that what i think or say in my head, they're body language acts out as if they felt similar or the same as to whatever i said or am thinking the moment i´m watching it. I'm not the best at explaining myself but i tried my best to give a good explanation of my question.


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And the connection with History is.....?
And the question is ?'re hearing voices?
I would need an explanation of a 'blunt'. Sounds as if v. dangerous so stop.

Historically, one of the Norman Knights was a Sir Thomas de Blount and Shakespeare mentions a 'Blunt' - after that I cannot contribute.

1. A cigar whose interior has been hollowed out and filled with marijuana.
2. A marijuana cigarette that has been rolled in a cigar's tobacco leaf wrapper instead of rolling paper.
A lot to read through, I did skim bits. I'd suggest they you seem to have clicked into a particular frame of mind and are no longer always simply accepting unimportant details in things around you but concentrating on them. Whilst this frame of mind isn't uncommon when using some drugs I find it difficult to believe it has anything to do with one marijuana encounter in the past. I'd suggest simply monitoring your experiences and only asking a GP if they seem to be getting worse and having a detrimental affect on your life.

BTW I doubt 'History' is the ideal forum to discuss this experience of yours.
If you are concerned about uncontrollable thought you are having then talk to a doctor or an adult you can trust.
Question Author
Forget it i don't think anybody will understand me but i will keep checking in on this question and see if anybody answers me in a way that i see that they understand the concept of the point i´m trying to make... oh well i might even just have to spend a few hours re-writing this thing i want to ask... and i said it was history because i didn't know what else to mark it as... but i didn't think it mattered a lot that i mark it as "history".. .more important is that what point i´m trying to make... oh well good luck you readers and helpers
Consider it forgotten.

I'm a reasonably intelligent guy, And am still trying to work out what your actual question is.
But as you suggest I will forget it.
You need to get some help, Natureboy.

See a physician.
I second Tilly. The problem you describe is something I can sort of associate with - but I go back to seeing a doctor. You need to reconnect with reality.
It's paranoia, Having experience in my mispeant youth I did go through a similar thing... not to the extent you describe as I was aware of what it were.
I don't know what a blunt is, but most substances are illegal for a reason and rightly so as they affect different folk in many varied ways. That is by no means a criticism... but you should seek help if it's affecting your day-to-day life, if nothing else just to put you back on level footing. All the best you.
.. Btw... 'Body and Soul' would have being a more suitable place to post :-)

Ark, re 'Blunt' see post @ 23:10. Wed.
Thank you Baldrick I did mis-read that a bit not having had one of them. I think a lot depends on the strength and form of the marijuana.

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Im Not Best At Giving A Good Explanation But I Tried My Best

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