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Oxen as draught animals in Britain

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Mosaic | 17:56 Wed 02nd May 2012 | History
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Does anyone have any leads that could throw light on when oxen were replaced by horses for heavy draught work in Britain?
In addition, in the early 1500s when roads were terrible so wheeled travel was slow, why would horses be imported to develop horses for this purpose - when oxen presumably were readily available?


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I personally don't have the time to read this, but here you go

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That is a brilliant article Nibble - thank you!
The key to this is the development of the yoke.

Early yokes would cut off air supply to a horses head if they tried to pull against it which made them useless for agriculture.

looks like it was about 1200 before it was in generaluse in Europe
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Thanks jake
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Thaks Jno

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Oxen as draught animals in Britain

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