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Collecting, selling or buying old 'Headline' newspapers

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DSJ | 20:07 Wed 28th Dec 2011 | History
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Can anyone please give me a link to a website for people who want to sell or buy old 'headline' newspapers? Example:-

Titanic Sinking
First Heart Transplant
Death of Churchill
First Men on the Moon

I am interested only in websites based in Britain. Any help is appreciated.


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Careful - so many of these have been re-issued as facsimile reprints that you may have difficulty distinguishing the real from the ( much later ) copy
The UK's biggest dealer in printed ephemera:
(I've spent many a long hour browsing in that shop!)

there use to be a couple of dealers with tables at the bolton antiques fair full of headline newspapers
these people might be interested though it isn't quite their usual thing
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Thank you for your help and suggestions. I have collected these newspapers myself, apart from the Titanic ones which were saved from 1912 by my grandmother who used them line her underwear drawers, so I know that they are original rather than facsimiles.

I will investigate the websites & dealers you have suggested.
these people sell them


but I don't think they charge more for significant days than for others, so they might not pay more for them either.
they sell on eBay also - I sold some replica headline newspapers a while back, I feel sure there would be interest from overseas in the originals.

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Collecting, selling or buying old 'Headline' newspapers

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