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Bramber [West Sussex] Railway Bridge [no longer there]

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MantaRay | 15:20 Sun 17th Jul 2011 | History
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Does anybody have photographs or memories of the rather unusual road section on the bridge that crossed the [then] railway line at Bramber station on the route to Steyning? From my childhood memories I seem to remember that it ran on two levels [or something like that]. Somebody locally told me that there was an extra section built to support army vehicles, which may have been the section I noticed as a child. Does anybody else remember this bridge?


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Can't see any two levels. Looks like a fairly standard bridge of its type, from the photo here...
The photograph is dated 1925 so the bridge might have been modified during the war.I have some old railway books, will see if there's a mention in them.
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Apparently there was an additional girder bridge built c.ww2 alongside the original brick build one, but I've yet to find any photo's.

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Bramber [West Sussex] Railway Bridge [no longer there]

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