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ironmonger | 16:27 Tue 27th Mar 2012 | Genealogy
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A friend of mine was sorting out a deceased relatives belongings when he came
across a piece of paper with these words written upon it.
BLICK. b1870. Mayor of Bromsgrove.
He has no knowledge of it in his family and he has asked me for help.
I have tried all the sites I know but no luck.
If anyone can help I would be most gratefull. Thank you.


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hmmm............there appears to be a Blick Road in Bromsgrove.
Maybe the deceased relative had been doing some genealogical research and didn't throw this particular piece of paper away?
I've spoken to someone at Bromsgrove Council and a not very helpful lady told me that Bromsgrove doesn't have a Mayor, but didn't know if they had had one in the past.
Maybe someone on here may be able to help........................
Or more probably this one......................
there's a Bromsgrove museum but Wikipedia says it's shut at the moment, which isn't much help. I don't know how far back the local newspaper's archives go
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Thanks craft1948.Have tried the first address but no joy there. The second one will not accept my registration.

jno. I have tried all the papers but no luck there.

Thank you both for your replies and interest. Harry
there's a name and phone number at the bottom of this BSOC page; perhaps you could try calling him? I don't know if he's a historian or something but he may be able to point you in the right direction
there were only a few birth registrations s in 1870 of males with the surname Blick, one in particular stands out on a brief search and that is harry west blick registered Southam Q3 1870. but there was an albert, an ernest, gilbert, james richard and thomas, all registered in 1870, and actually nearly all in the midlands.
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Thank you dotty and jno. I will try these suggestions and let you know if anything comes up. Harry

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Mayor of Bromsgrove

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