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Looking for Thomas Alfred lanes relatives!

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pusskin | 19:36 Fri 02nd Mar 2012 | Genealogy
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We went to Hadlow cemetury in kent today, and was very successful in finding 2 G/parents buried side by side. (1943 burial)
We were so shocked to find it with no problem at all, lovely kept grave.
We were gobsmacked to know that Thomas's relatives are looking after the grave. But we havent a clue who they could be, so----
Is there anyone living in the Maybe HADLOW area?

Thomas Alfred Lane -- husband .(we visited today)

Alice Jane lane --- wife.

Have left a note among the artificial roses that the relatives left for them both,
with our phone numbers attached. Fingers crossed that we may be lucky xx


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do you know the maiden name for Alice Jane? was tHOMAS BORN IN 1870?
I have had success before writing to living relatives taken from the phone book .............. give it a go as there are a few Lanes in Hadlow:

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so sorry for delay in getting back to you sooner, will be back on AB in a minute x
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Hi Dotty, Alice janes maiden name is Alice marshall.

Thomas was born in 1870. Ah, I'm a happy bunny right now, thanks Dotty x

Many thanks echokilo for the phone links, thats brilliant x
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Oh wow. have wrote down all the phone numbers (5) and cant wait to give them a ring today x Info really appreciated
It's often the quickest route Pusskin ..... I sent letters as it was a tentative enquiry, but with the grave condition yours sounds a much more concrete link, and so I would definitely phone them ....... let us know if you find anything ..... but be prepared for folk to be cynical about your motives - that's the world today sadly - but provided you have family info to share I am sure you will be fine xx
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Hiya echokilo. Have rang all 5 phone numbers, and 4 were engaged , so have left my phone number with them.
The lady I got to speak to says that she is sure she doesnt have relatives in Hadlow part of kent, and hasnt got p.c. or no knowledge of relatives buried there. So have crossed her.
Now waiting for the phone to ring ---fingers crossed ay xx
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*crossed her off my list*
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hiya echokib. havent had any luck do far sorry to say. They have all rang me back with no connections to the Thomas Alfred Lane.
There is one last number who havent rang back so will ring them today --fingers crossed. We have been told there is one Lane living in Tonbridge --you never know ---- x
Lanes in Tonbridge Pusskin:


Take care, there is more than one page of them!
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Many thanks for forwarding that link echokio!
have just this minute recieved a call from a lady , and she isnt the right lane, so onwards and upwards ay. many thanks x

p.s. were now into the "Weekes " family

Will google btexchange and see if it works for me x
If you need any more help just post again Pusskin - good luck!
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ah thanks, I may take you up on the offer! thanks so much echokilo x
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Brilliant results echkilo, dotty.

I have found 3 of my husbands cousins all living very very close to one another.
Cant go into too much detail as I want to stay a bit private.
Friday evening we had 2 phone calls from cousins, and another today --all one hour phone calls with plenty to talk about. So now trying to set a date to all meet up for a good ole natter. Fantastic news, very lucky x
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Apologies! I forgot to say that I rang a newspaper and they put an advert in to say that we were looking for whoever puts flowers on Thomas + Alice's grave in the churchyard that we got to visit. Grave tenderly cared for since 1943.

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Looking for Thomas Alfred lanes relatives!

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