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Help with possible Irish connection please

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lyall | 19:10 Thu 17th Nov 2011 | Genealogy
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Hello I am hoping that someone will be able to help as I am totally flummoxed as where to look or what to do next!

Two of my Great Uncles married Irish ladies (Northern or Southern unknown). I cannot find either of their marriage registrations anywhere! Tried all the usual options Free BMD, Ancestry, Find My Past, (these weren’t the full subscription versions) Free Irish BMD, Roots Web Family Search, all to no avail.

Is there anyone here that can either search for this information for me or let me know where else I can search please? I’m afraid that the information I have is a bit limited but any help will be gratefully received.

Great Uncle number 1. Joseph Henry Parker (known as Harry) born 1907 Lincolnshire died 1978 Lincolnshire and his wife Eliza Jane Jean (Maiden name not known) born about 1923 location unknown. They had a daughter called Helen and from her marriage record I know she was registered as Helen P J Parker, but I have been unable to find her birth record. I know Joseph was part of the regular arm (not just serving during the Second World War) and have been told he spent time in India (dates not known) so I am guessing that as I cannot find any information through my usual channels that they possibly married and had Helen in Ireland or abroad somewhere.

Great Uncle number 2. Walter Parker born 1911 Lincolnshire died 1978 Lincolnshire and his wife Peg (no idea if it’s just Peg or short for Margaret say) her birth date and location are unknown. Peg had a sister called Dulcie and Walter was in the army during the Second World War and was at Dunkirk, if these bits of information will be of any help.

My thanks in advance for any help or advice offered.


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How old was Helen on her marriage certificate and when did she get married?
Question Author
I’m afraid I don’t have the certificate. I retrieved the information from Ancestry, she married Apr-Jun 1971 her husband’s name is Keith Johnson.
I don't wish to be nosey but can't Helen or her husband help with this information?
Question Author
A perfectly reasonable question, I don't know them, I’ve never met them. Harry was the ‘black sheep’ of the family and had little to do with any of his 12 siblings, of which my granddad was one. I know where Eliza is buried as she died earlier this year, hence I found out her correct name through an obituary/memoriam. I knew the daughter was called Helen because my Dad got introduced to her at Harry’s funeral. We were unable to go to Eliza’s funeral; if I had I would have given Helen a card asking her to contact me at a later date regarding any help she could give.

I know none of the children or grandchildren of these 11 siblings, my Dad has met most of them but he is reluctant to help as he is not well at the moment but mostly because he believes I am wasting my time and energy doing the whole family tree thing at all.

Maybe I’m being too much of a perfectionist but these two brothers are the only ones out of the 12 that I have limited information about and it’s just bugging me that I can’t find out.

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Help with possible Irish connection please

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