cables for PS3 to projector?

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what..the? | 09:18 Thu 27th Jan 2011 | Gaming
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I have ordered this item:

It says it can be connected to all consoles including PS3, I currently have a 32" LCD tv wired the the PS3 via HDMI cable.

Looking at the projector, the inputs on the back are - Video, Audio (L R), Power, VGA

Please can anyone assist the easiest way to connect, I would have liked to kept the picture going through the tv as well as the projector so I could use the 'better' tv speakers but I assume its the tv or the projector and not both at once. I also use the tv for freeview so if the cables could be as easy as possible because I would have to rejig the cables every night to watch tv.

Also because the speakers are going to be basic through the projector, I would like to look at the option to get additional speakers and would like to ask what you would reccommend speaker wise and how they would connect to the projector? Would it be worthwhile to get wireless surround sound or something?

Thanks in advance


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•Input video: Composite (RCA), VGA (15 pin D Sub)
•Input audio: Left/Right RCA
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I can see that I might need hdmi to vga cable but that would mean buying one and I am only trying the projector I might not keep it if the picture is bad, so would end up with the extra cable and spent money unness.
Why not buy a projector that has hdmi, speaking from experience if you want a decent picture then you need to pay money for it and £160 for that is pittance, how much you willing to spend
although saying that the reveiws seem good
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well I bought it for £100 in the sale, but the picture is not brill for gaming on call of duty for example the picture doesn't focus enough to see everything.

I am looking at HD projectors now but looking on line is difficult i assume you have to see these in person to know for sure the picture quality.

This one is ok for £100 I see there are others HD for £500 upwards I don't mind spending more as long as they are significantly better that the £100 one. I notice the bulb lasts much longer in the £100 of 30,000 hours other HD's seem to be 3,000 hours
Well lke you say for £100 the picture is ok, i cant answer the origainal question but good luck, maybe you could try forums called the av forums,
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cables for PS3 to projector?

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