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turtle beach x11 problem

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serendipity2 | 14:37 Tue 08th Jun 2010 | Gaming
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Hi, My son has just installed his headset and as well as hearing the sound in his ears, the sound is coming out externally. Can anyone tell me what may be causing this.
Many thanks


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Hi, can you give a bit more information about how and what he has connected the headset to. What connections has he used, what gaming system is he using.

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He has tried it on his PC with the the green lead plugged into the headphone slot and not only can you hear the sound in the headset but you can also hear it on the outside. He has also tried it on the Xbox 360 through the standard A/V cables. He has also used the X11 Audio splitter cables to the Tv but you can still hear sound on the outside of the headset.
Not sure what is happening on the PC, you probably need to change a setting on the audio section to disable the speakers. On the xbox I have to assume that your connected to the TV via a HDMI cable as this is the only one that carries both sound and vision. Again there will be a setting in the menus somewhere to disable the sound.

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turtle beach x11 problem

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