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Texas Hold em rules

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scoob101 | 19:41 Sun 23rd May 2010 | Gaming
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A few of us were playing after hours in the local the other night as we do every week, except on this occasion a non regular stayed and played with us. We were playing cash games probably max pot of £80 to £100. Now on one hand there were 3 players left (including the non regular), flop, turn and river had been dealt, there was approx £85 in the pot, everyone checked after the river so it was showdown time. The non regular guy then announced that he had jacks, so the other 2 in the hand mucked their cards face down into the burnt and folded cards from other players before he showed and a split second after their cards hit the cards on the table, the non regular player also mucked his cards into the rest of the folded cards. WHO WINS.
There was one hell of an arguement at this point, but as we couldnt tell whose cards were whose as all the burnt cards and the folded cards from the other 5 players were all jumbled up in a pile we deceided to split the pot between the last 3 players.
Also when we checked all these cards there were no jacks anywhere, so we know the non regular guy was lying.
Did we do right splitting the pot or do the rules say something else?


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Question Author
he wins, they mucked their cards first

your friends should have asked to see his winning hand before they mucked their cards
Quite simple, I think ... if everyone has mucked, the pot is split.

I don't think there's any provision for holding a pot over to the next hand, so it has to be distributed between those in "equal" position ... ie all 3.

But ... Poker is not really my game.

Do you want to know anything about Blackjack ???

Question Author
But I thought that the winning hand had to be showed after all betting has finished on the showdown.
you folded your cards, you have the right to ask to see his winning hand before you muck your cards, but not after as he is the only one with a hand

it is also a game of bluff which he seems good at...
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Question Author
I agree if that had happened before the river or after he had bet on the river, but this was at showdown stage and no one showed.
because you have all mucked except him without showing, last man who has the only hand left will pick up the pot
I've changed my mind.

The last person to muck their hand had successfully bluffed, and wins the pot.

There is no obligation to show your cards if you are the last person left in that hand.
cazzz was right.
Question Author
Yes Helen, but no one bet after the river, they all checked so it should have been showdown, by the way I wasnt in the hand.
But ...

Fancy getting out-bluffed when there was no obligation to make any further bets !!!
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your mates have accepted the guys bluff that he has jacks and have folded their hands without showing, meaning they are out of the game. the only person left holding a hand wins..
Question Author
Yes we were all quite merry ! lol !
JJ there was no bluff as they all checked after the river, and as I understand it anyone who mucks their cards face down loses the pot and as they all mucked their cards face down, we just didnt know what to do.
The other 2 guys in the hand were daft as they had paid to get to that stage and then on the word of a stranger they mucked their cards, if 1 of them had turned their cards face up they would have won.
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Question Author
Amnesiac dont be an idiot, I posted a question on here about something that really happened hoping for some one to answer, if you got nothing helpfull to say say nothing
I would just put it down to experience and not fall into the same trap in future..
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