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Call Of Duty Mw2 Ending Review

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Lombax | 19:01 Wed 26th May 2021 | Gaming
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MW2 has a pretty bad ending and the only reason it's considered "good" is because of the build up, which is only there because of a plot twist no one saw coming because there was no implication of it whatsoever and it was also completely stupid, as well as the death of an overrated side character, Ghost, which happens in every single CoD game.

The last mission is actually quite ridiculous, Soap rips a knife out of his own midsection and throws it into Shepard's eye, killing him. Where do I begin with this nonsense.

The stab itself was located around the liver area, which is a lethal injury.

Now, it takes 5 minutes to bleed out, at MAXIMUM. This is even shorter if you have a severe injury, you know, like getting stabbed deep in the gut and then ripping it out somehow, which would actually just do more damage, creating an open wound by ripping skin and flesh, and speeding up the bleeding process. Soap would either black out from pain/shock, die of blood loss shortly after throwing it, or just die of blood loss right then and there because of how long he had been laying there. The slam against the car would likely result in a mild concussion or at the very least a broken nose.

And with all that blood loss, he would not have been able to throw the knife at full strength, and even if he did it would not have killed Shepard, as a stab through the eye is actually very unlikely to kill you.

Soap would not have had the strength to even throw it considering the immense amounts of pain and blood loss, but let's not forget the fact that even in real time and not slowmo, Shepard would have a good couple seconds to duck out of the way or at least stick an arm up to block it.

And then after this whole 3-4 minute process, Soap somehow survives long enough to get to wherever the hell they take him in MW3. Even applying pressure to the wound, he would've bled out. Additionally, in the beginning of MW3 we see him bleeding again so by now he would most certainly have been dead.

What are your thoughts?



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Call Of Duty Mw2 Ending Review

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