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Good Free Roaming Ps4 Games

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Booldawg | 12:23 Tue 04th Oct 2016 | Gaming
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Have discovered the wonderful news my wife is getting me a PS4 for Christmas!

Owned a 360 for several years but not really up on the games market.

I loved Just Cause 2, Skyrim and Forza on the 360, so I'm a fan of free roaming games also driving sims.

not such a big fan of FPS or sports games - what good releases are out there?

The console comes with Watch Dogs 2.


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GTA 5 is of course the ultimate sandbox game, it was available on the 360 but the fps mode on the new consoles make it worth a revisit.

There are the farcry games, the 4th is good but my fav open world games so far are dying light, fallout 4 and Metal gear solid 5.

Metal gear takes a few hours to get going but when it does it opens out into a sprawling military stealth em up.

Also Mafia 3 and a remastered version of Skyrim launches soon.
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Thanks Randy. Fallout definitely, had forgotten about that!

Think a remastered Skyrim is due to be released too.
Dying light is the one, the sleeper title, the undiscovered gem, it is a riot.
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Thanks Randy - also looking at Witcher 3 GOTY edition.

Mafia 3 looks good too. Was told to avoid Just Cause 3, but still tempted as I was massively into JC2.
JC3 is just like JC2, MAfia is getting panned by the critics. Check out Angry Joe on youtube, his reviews are entertaining and usually spot on.

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Good Free Roaming Ps4 Games

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