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Is Sony Releasing A Beefier Ps4 Console?

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Booldawg | 11:49 Tue 12th Jul 2016 | Gaming
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Finally getting sucked into next gen after holding off for so long since the Xbox One and PS4 initial release.

Someone at work told me to hold off getting a new PS4 as Sony are to release an updated version. The only benefits I heard him mention was a 1TB drive and 4K compatible. As they already do 1TB versions and I'm not likely to get a 4K TV any time soon these upgrades wont really benefit me.

Are there any other improvements other than the ones mentioned above? TIA!


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Avatar Image Xbox are releasing an even beefier version next year!
14:09 Tue 12th Jul 2016

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Is Sony Releasing A Beefier Ps4 Console?

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