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Pre-Order Ps4 Without Address?

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shaypastakia | 09:42 Fri 14th Jun 2013 | Gaming
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As a student, I won't find out my actual address next year until the day I move in!
However, I intend to purchase the PS4 and was going to pre-order from Amazon, when I realised that I don't have an address to give them.

Does anyone know if there's anywhere I can safely pre-order the console without giving my address at the time of ordering?

It doesn't matter if I pay a deposit or the full price, but I definitely want to be able to cancel my pre-order if need be.



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why don't you jsut pre-order it with your current address, then when the time comes closer for dispatch, change the address. Or get it sent to someone who know where they will be living when it comes out -- parents perhaps?
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I don't know if I can change the address or not, and I don't want to make the order and find out I can't.
As for sending it to my parents, it would be about a month before I'd be able to pick up the console from home, so it would be a little pointless.
when does it actually come out?
If you know what Uni you'll be attending you could ask that it's sent poste restante to the GPO there. Then collect it when you arrive.
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I only know that it comes out this 'holiday', so late November, early December.

The accommodation is private halls, as I will be entering second year, and I haven't started my contract with them, so I doubt they'd take requests like that so early.

Thank you both for your help.
games shops do pre-ordering - perhaps you'd be better off doing it from a shop, who probably wont care what address you give, and won't need to send it to you?
Why can't you pre-order it after you have moved to your new address?
Or wait for it to be released then buy it.
"Or wait for it to be released then buy it."

The odds are that it will sell out at launch.
1 Because it will be extremely popular.
2 Because companies create free-advertising by under-supplying and making it onto the news. Miraculously shortly after consoles flood the market.
You could always look into buying a post office box for the time being.
It's not the Halls of residence you're asking, it's the post office. Have a look here:
Question Author
Turns out Amazon allow you to change the delivery address after you place the order, so I've pre-ordered, and will change the address when I know it!

If anyone wants to see the details on changing address:

Thanks to everyone for their help :)

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Pre-Order Ps4 Without Address?

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