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Help I Think I Am Addicted To Candy Crush Saga- Anyone Else?

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gordie1 | 21:55 Thu 28th Mar 2013 | Gaming
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HI there I think I am addicted to candy crush saga the game on facebook I am stuck on level 38 for the last 6 days and I keep on playing it for hours at a time I cant get any housework done or anything it should come with a warning it is so addictive anyone else have this problem??!!


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My wife! The house is going to the dogs!
My eldest has been playing it non stop and now stuck on level 29. I've just discovered it, but must admit its very addictive. Refusing to pay for it though.
For real addiction try Bookworm.
ME! only came on here because i can't get through next level and have run out of lives for a while! it is very addictive! although, so far, i'm managing to make it to work lol x maybe won't see me for a while on here as i'm off to see what bookworm is all about! x
i must be missing something because, of all the match 3 games freely available, Candy Crush seems one of the poorer versions
gordie, be addicted to Answerbank instead, at least you'll get human interaction on here :-)
Never tried it. What am I missing?
Love it! I am so sad I am playing it on three different device thingies (tripling my lives each day). I was stuck on level 65 for over a month! (I will now go and sit on the naughty step and reflect on the sad waste of my life.)
I like it too. up to level 90 but getting so hard now keep running out of lives, I refuse to pay for them.
I Honestly think that you NEED HELP !!!
I adore this videogame, but I can't stay that I'm addicted

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Help I Think I Am Addicted To Candy Crush Saga- Anyone Else?

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